The Halal Food market, which has a potential of 1.9 billion Muslim consumers, is estimated to have an annual transaction volume of $ 800 billion. Asian countries have the largest halal products market with $ 400 billion. With the increasing Muslim population in the world, certified halal food sales increased as well as the importance of halal markets and restaurants.

With a population of around 25 million Muslims, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy, especially in the EU, constitute a serious market for halal food. Most of the Muslims in European Union countries consume halal food. In Europe, the largest country with a halal market is France with 70 billion dollars. France is the fastest growing country in Europe for halal food and cosmetic products such as perfume, cream and shampoo. In France and England, there are halal chain stores and supermarkets with halal aisles. The number of fast food restaurants selling halal burgers in France is increasing every year. In Germany, foreign supermarkets have not understood the importance of Muslim consumers adequately. It is not possible to see a German supermarket with a halal section in Germany. In Europe, Turkish and Arabian entrepreneurs provide ready-to-eat food to their Muslims in grocery stores and markets and sell halal meat.

As a country with a low Muslim ratio, Brazil is one of the leading countries in the world in halal meat exports. Brazil exports 33% of its frozen chickens and 40% fresh and frozen meat to countries consuming halal products. Arab countries are at the forefront of the countries that Brazil exports meat.