Who We Are?

Our company ŞFQS-Şimşek Food Quality Systems is the West European Coordinator of the World Halal Association, mainly operating in Germany.

Our aim is to enable easy access to products that are unadulterated, harmless and compatible with Islamic beliefs to our people. The objective of our Union is to secure safe daily shopping for Muslims in the World. We facilitate the sales of the products of  companies importing and exporting to and from Muslim countries with the halal certificate we provide.

Products carrying the WHU Halal logo means that it has been checked by our union and measures up to halal quality standards.

As a non-governmental organization with a national and international background, we contribute to the “halal” work of the world and actively take part in the development of existing standards and in the resolution of problems. Furthermore, our tasks include the provision of knowledge and information about our work with the printed and visual media channels to the service of humanity, to create norms that can be understood and are comprehensible to everyone and free of information pollution and ambiguity, to organize events to keep the halal issue on the agenda, to participate in activities organized by other institutions and organizations, measure all processes on a global scale and make them traceable and sustainable using science and technology.

The World Halal Union is a non-governmental organization that conducts research and awareness-raising and documentation activities for products and services that was formed by an expert group of academicians who came together in February 2010. Since that time our union has been continuing to carry out research activities on products and services, especially food, informing our people and carrying out activities to help raise consciousness and certify products and services of companies that apply for certification. As of today we have the opportunity to inspect and certify  food, cosmetics, tourism and service areas.