Who We Are?

Our company ŞFQS-Şimşek Food Quality Systems is the West European Coordinator of the World Halal Association, mainly operating in Germany.

Our Aim

Enable easy access to products that are unadulterated, harmless and compatible with Islamic beliefs to our people.

How will you know?

Products carrying the WHU Halal logo means that it has been checked by our union and measures up to halal quality standards.

What Does Halal Mean?

Halal is a word in Arabic. It means “Legal, legitimate, valid”. It’s antonym is haram meaning “illegal, illegitimate, invalid”.

Pork and all food and additives containing substances of porcine origin, alcohol and blood in beverages are “haram” according to Islamic rules. Bovine and ovine animals such as cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys are halal provided they have been slaughtered by a Muslim according to Islamic procedure in the accompaniment of the recital of allahuekber and basmala. If animals that are halal are not slaughtered according to Islamic procedure, neither their meat nor their other parts are halal.

Halal Market

With a population of around 25 million Muslims, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy, especially in the EU, constitute a serious market for halal food.

France is the largest market in Europe with 70 billion dollars. There are chain stores and supermarkets with halal aisles in France and the United Kingdom which sell only halal products.  Foreign supermarkets in Germany have not adequately grasped the importance of Muslim consumers.

Halal Certification

The important impact of religion and beliefs on human nutrition have also been manifested in the food industry. Food producers have reflected the religious sensitivities of people on their production and launched food on the market that can be consumed by members of different religions.

Due to the growing market and to keep the market under control, standards based on religious criteria have emerged.

Halal Food and products with halal certificates are becoming increasing important and introduced on the market in countries with a Muslim majority as well as non non-Muslim countries with Muslim minorities.

  • Certificates in Different Languages

    Our certificates are prepared in English, German, Turkish or other languages according to demand.

  • Product Varieties

    Food, Cosmetics, Chemical products, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Paper and packaging materials, Tourism, Additives and aromas, Cleaning agents, Agriculture

  • Expert Evaluation Board

    World Halal Union uses the ‘Halal Food’ standards prepared by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) expert groups and adapted by the Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries (SMIIC).

  • All European Countries

    WHU provides consultancy and certification services in all European countries by overseeing the products and production systems controlled on the basis of halal criteria.